Does your auction use the standard light system?

1. Blue Light –“Ride and Drive”: The blue light signals that this vehicle is

guaranteed under the conditions outlined in the Arbitration Guidelines section, except for specific disclosures or announcements made prior to the sale.

2. Green Light–“Auction Guarantee": The green light signals that this vehicle is guaranteed to have a good motor, transmission, rear-end and drive train. The vehicle must have a good crank and block with no rod or main bearing noise. Any arbitration for these reasons must be reported to the Arbitrator within one hour. The Auction Guarantee does not include lifters, heads, or head gaskets, valves, racks, u-joints, C.V. joints, clutches or wheel bearings.

3. Yellow Light–“Announcements”: This light is an indication to the Buyer that the Auctioneer or Selling Representative has made announcements that qualify/clarify the condition or equipment and limit arbitration of this vehicle. This light can be used in conjunction with any other light.

4. Red Light –“As-Is”: Vehicles selling under the red light will only qualify for arbitration under the rules outlined in the Arbitration Guidelines section. (As-Is dollar amount, model years (ten, 10), and mileage (100,000 miles) is subject to local auction policy). Auction withholds that all RV's, boats, motors, or miscellaneous vehicles are sold with no guarantee.

5. White Light –“Title Attached/Title Unavailable/Title Absent”: This light is used to announce that the title is not present at the time of the sale. For Auction rules regarding titles please refer to the Title Arbitration Policy section. If “title attached/unavailable/absent” is not announced, a vehicle could be arbitrated for misrepresentation.

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